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Being accused of a motoring offence can be stressful, due to the prospect of potentially losing your licence. Our Bristol driving offence solicitors know how damaging this can be, and make it their priority to help keep you on the road.


The following are a few of the matters we have been asked to assist with in the past;


 Careless driving

 Dangerous driving

 Drink driving

 Driving licence points

 Driving without due care and attention

 Drug driving

 Penalty notices



Our Bristol driving offence solicitors can't change the law, but we will do everything we can to make a strong case for you keeping your licence, and ensuring any potential punishments are kept to a minimum.


In short, it is our goal to put forward strong arguments for you retaining your licence, as losing it can mean a loss of freedom, independence and even earnings, and to minimise the impact any accusation will have on you.


We have represented clients facing a whole range of motoring offences, so whatever allegation you are up against, we can find an experienced lawyer to handle your case.


Whether you are facing a drink driving accusation, have been caught speeding, or have been issued a fixed penalty notice, we are here to talk you through your options.


To find out more about how our Bristol driving offence solicitors might be able to help, speak to our team today in complete confidence. You can reach us directly using the telephone number below, or enter your details into the enquiry form to the right and our lawyers will call you back as soon as possible.



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