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Items may be local to Bristol, Clifton or Clevedon or be much wider afield reflecting our take on matters of national legal importance. 


After Lincolnshire mum Emma Grady stubbed her toe on the grass outside a pensioners home, she won her case for compensation and the homeowner who erected the sign ordered to pay her £2,500 for her injuries. When retired footballer Malcolm White...

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If you have a spare £4million to hand and fancy living on your own private island – you could snap up your very own slice of history in rural Berkshire! Magna Carta Island has come on the market recently for just under £4million and...

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A 68 year old woman had to be airlifted to safety from the dizzy heights of Wells Cathedral in Somerset recently after taking a guided tour of the building. The pensioner had been taking part in a 'high parts tour' of the historic monument...

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Step through the front door of Alastair Hendy's East Sussex home and take a step back in time 500 hundred years to a period when Henry VIII sat on the throne. Spending the past five years restoring the house back to its former Tudor glory, the 52 year...

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Disputes happen in the workplace and between businesses each year and when they can't be resolved through negotiation, business litigation is used represent each side of the case and come to a final decision.

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