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If you are over 18 years of age and worried about your ability to make your own decisions at some point in your future, you should speak to our Bristol Power of Attorney, solicitors.


Our lawyers can guide you through the process of obtaining a legal document known as Lasting Power of Attorney.


You don't need to live in Bristol to benefit from our expertise in this field, we can deal with your case wherever you live in England and Wales.


Lasting Power of Attorney will enable you to decide who can legally take control of your affairs should you lose mental capacity, for instance if you suffered from Dementia, a stroke or Alzheimers.


Our Bristol lawyers will explain that there are two categories which you can apply for; Health and welfare or property and financial.


The Health and welfare component only applies when you are no longer capable of making your own decisions whereas the property and financial applies as soon as your permission is granted.


Granting of a legal document allows the person who makes the decision, otherwise known as 'the donor' the opportunity to pass on their wishes regarding their future medical care and money to the person they nominate to deal with this.  They become what is known as 'the attorney'.


The health and Welfare sector allows you to take control of a number of things including, future medical care, moving into a care home, what you wear on a daily basis and even decisions about life-sustaining treatment.


Speak to our friendly Power of Attorney lawyers now for guidance on 0845 603 0708 or complete the form to the right and we'll get back to you.



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