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Are you looking for a solicitor to support you to write your will?  Advance planning is essential to ensure that your loved ones are provided for when you have gone. Our experienced solicitors are here to help and support you through this sensitive process. 
Promising your money and treasured heirlooms to those who deserve them most, is no longer enough to ensure they actually receive what you promised them. This is why its vitally important to draw up a will with a reputable solicitor to ensure that your promises are honoured. 
Our solicitors who cover the Stratford area can help you draft the document and ensure that it is stored safely until your death, and your assets divided in the way you have requested.
Your wishes are very important to us and remember it is not just money and property which need to be considered. If you are a parent or carer with young children, in the event of your untimely death, we can set up guardianship to ensure your children are cared for as you would have intended. 
There are many different reasons for making a Will including making provision for your family but particularly if you have a large complex estate valued over £325,000, this is currently over the inheritance tax threshold.
The process of dealing with your affairs after your death is known as probate and involves the following: 
  • Dealing with Beneficiaries
  • Calculating any Inheritance Tax payable.
  • Collecting monies from 'assests' to distribute to the Beneficiaries
  • Dealing with Revenue & Customs in relation to Income Tax & Capital Gains Tax liabilities.
Our Wills solicitors covering Stratford will help you plan for the future and ensure that any tax implications are mitigated so you can get on with enjoying your life.  
For practical advice when drawing up your Will, call our lawyers who cover the Stratford area on 0203 206 1133 or email at mf@broadgatelegal.co.uk
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Wills Solicitors Stratford

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