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Death is not a subject we like to discuss, least of all what will happen to our family, assets and personal treasures after we have gone. Our Altrincham Wills Solicitors know how important it is to make provisions early on in life.


It's not all about the money you have worked hard to earn in your lifetime, families can be devastated when a loved one passes away intestate, or without a valid Will.


In this instance, the Probate Registry will issue a 'Grant of letters of administration' and the wishes of the deceased when they were alive will not necessarily be recognised.


When a person makes a Will, whether they live in Altrincham or elsewhere in England and Wales, providing a legal expert witnesses the document, the wishes of the testator will be honoured.


Our Altrincham solicitors can advise of the tax implications of your Will and if your property is subject to inheritance tax, we can work with you to mitigate these costs so they don't become a burden for your loved ones.


In the event of your untimely death while you have young children, if you are the sole parent or carer, you should make a Will even if it is for the sake of nominating responsible guardians for your offspring,


Here at Collings, our highly experienced Wills and Probate team will treat your personal business with the utmost respect it deserves.


Basically, we want to help you safeguard your family's future and if you entrust us with being the Executors of your Will, be assured of our best care and attention.


Our Altrincham lawyers can discuss drafting your Will on 0161 928 5558, or email Frank via




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