Hale Conveyancing Solicitors

If you need professional advice regarding a conveyancing matter, look no further, our Hale Conveyancing Solicitors are here to assist you.


Whether you are downsizing your property, buying your first property or wanting to add a loved one on to the deeds, we will ensure you are informed on matters at all times.


We understand you may need a quick transaction or on the other hand you may want the moving process to happen at a slower pace, whatever you need, we will accommodate to your wishes as best as possible.


Our team of conveyancing solicitors can deal with;





 Transfers of Equity

 Lease Extensions


First we will provide you with a conveyancing quote and discuss with you any additional costs such as environmental or water searches.


Our role is to make the process run smoothly and help complete the transaction on the most convenient date for you, at an agreed price.


If you need help, regarding a conveyancing matter, call us on 0161 928 5558 or us via email fottavianelli@collings-solicitors.co.uk. Alternatively complete the form to your right and we will be in touch soon.




Conveyancing Solicitors


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Altrincham Solicitors

From our Altrincham offices we provide a premium service that's the envy of our rivals.


We provide a range of legal services that include Conveyancing, Remortgaging, Wills, Probate & support for our Commercial clients.  


Please call, email, or complete the enquiry form and we'll provide the assistance you need.  

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