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Commercial property law often involves very complex legal procedures which if not properly executed can cause long term problems. To prevent this, it is important to receive accurate legal advice from a commercial property solicitor.
We have experience dealing with a wide variety of circumstance including: 
Grants of new leases: Commercial leases are typically in place for long periods of time, so it is important make sure everything is set out correctly from the beginning. We can advise on the process of granting a new lease and liaising with both parties to come to an agreed contract for obligations for both the tenant and landlord. 
Assignments of leases: This is where a lease may be transferred from one tenant to another. If you can find a suitable tenant who would be willing to take over the property, a tenant can apply to the landlord for an assignment of lease. 
Sub-lettings: This includes scenarios a tenant would like to sub-let the commercial property to a third party. In some cases, you may need to apply for permission or a licence from your landlord first. Our legal experts can review your documents and draft any new contracts which may be required. 
Lease renewals, extensions and variations: In some cases, you may need to amend an existing contract to either extend the lease or modify some of the agreements. This could include rent reviews. 
 Lease surrender: A lease can be surrendered when the tenant's interest is transferred back to the landlord and both parties accept that it will be ended. This can sometimes be done without a formal deed, but it is in the best interest of both parties to receive independent legal advice to understand their obligations.
Forfeiture of lease: This may be necessary when the tenant breaches the terms of the lease (for example being in arrears with rent). A forfeiture of lease means that the landlord ends the lease with immediate effect and takes possession of the property back. In these circumstances it is crucial to seek legal advice. 
Dilapidations: A tenant is usually liable when the state of the property is not given back in good repair.
Licences for alterations: Tenants and landlords may come to an agreement about altering the property. 
Our Manchester commercial solicitors can provide advice on all areas of property law tailored to your unique requirements. We will strive to understand the complexities of your case and can provide a bespoke service for commercial landlords, tenants or property management companies.
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