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A failed actress is suing her family for a share of their £3 million estate after her mother "broke her word" in 2018 and gave it to her younger brother as a gift.
47-year-old Tamara Lucas told the High Court had she known she was not going to be rich in the future she would have pursued a more lucrative law career.
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Following Brexit an immigration crackdown on overseas offenders could see foreigners with a criminal conviction in the past year banned from entering the UK.
The Home Secretary Priti Patel has widened her planned UK ban on criminals jailed for more than a year to include people from the EU and non-EU countries with less serious convictions. 
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The trade body for banks has said bank scams have leapt by 84 per cent since the virus lockdown.
Cases of so-called "impersonation fraud" nearly doubled in the first six months of the year to almost 15,000 reports resulting in losses of £58 million figures from UK Finance showed.
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An affluent village in Cheshire is being plagued by high-performance car racing. In just one day thirty-three speeding drivers were caught speeding as they raced along a stretch of road into the village of Alderley Edge, Cheshire.
The area is home to TV stars including the presenter of 'Top Gear' Paddy McGuinness, and to many Premier League footballers, and is part of Cheshire's "Golden Triangle."
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A railway worker has been awarded £25,000 at an employment tribunal after he was sacked for selling a ticket before he was trained to do so.
Mr Tony Trice, who usually manned the gates at Ashford railway station in Kent, sold a fare to a passenger despite having failed a test he was required to complete before using the machine to issue tickets.
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