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The simple question is, why make a Will ?


The reasonably simple answer is, so that your money and assets are dealt with in accordance with your wishes. It's not an easy matter to address but it is important that we protect those we love.


We understand that and from our offices in the heart of Altrincham we can provide advice and support to our Manchester and nationwide clients.


If you opt not to make a Will the laws of Intestacy apply and those you care for may not be protected in the manner you would like.


For the benefit of young children you should appoint guardians to look after them in the event of your death. This can prevent family disputes and ensure your wishes are carried out. We can also ensure monies are invested until the child reaches 18 or an age you nominate.


We will also help appoint Trustees.


Inheritance Tax is increasingly a part of the planning process and in conjunction with property, assets and life insurance policies it makes sense to consider the IHT implications.


We can provide the relevant support to protect your assets as far as legally possible via insurance policies and Trusts.


We can act as Executors of your Will or you can nominate a specific person to act in your best interests.


The cost of making a Will is relatively inexpensive. We will offer a fixed price for straightforward Wills and will discuss any other potential costs if your circumstances are more complex.


The important thing is to talk to us regards your situation and make preparations to safeguard your interests for those you care for.


In the first instance please either call us on 0161 928 5558, email the team via or complete the form on the right and we'll call you to discuss your commercial property needs.



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