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Do you live in Bowdon and are you looking to write a Will ?
We suggest you should make a Will via a Solicitor and as a local company we are ideally placed to help.
If you are not married and you haven't written a Will, your children, or partner could end up losing out. This is due to the law not recognising a partner who you are not married to, even if you have been together for years.
If you haven't made a Will, upon your demise, you will have been said to have died Intestate and that means the Government will decide where your money goes. This means your friends and family could end up with nothing.
Other formalities need to be completed such as planning your funeral, deciding whether you want your organs donated, and naming the executors of your Will. Having the experience of a qualified Wills solicitor is a distinct advantage in boxing off a range of such issues.
From of location in Altrincham our Bowdon team of Will writing and probate solicitors have a depth of experience and knowledge that has helped us advise clients throughout the region.
If you would like to write a Will please either call us on 0161 928 5558 or complete our online form and we'll call you back. 
We would suggest that if you need a Will, you need us.


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