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Couple jailed for sending Judge a birthday card

An East London couple has been jailed for harassment after they sent a birthday card to the Judge's home address. The couple were involved in a contentious litigation case in the family courts which concerned the adoption of children.
They had been a party to these proceedings before the Judge, for about 2 years, when they wrote a birthday card to the Judge's home address saying, 'keep up the good work stealing for profit'. 
They were first convicted for harassment in July 2018. This followed a number of incidents including intimidatiing the Judge by expressing their knowledge of her personal home address, date of birth and her married name - which was different from her name in court. 
One of the incidents involved them saying, 'we know where the Judge lives' whilst they were on their way into court and being searched by security staff. Other incidents involve the couple referring to the Judge's family - including details about where her daughter took swimming lessons. 
Following their conviction for harassment in July 2018, the couple attempted to appeal three months later. The Crown court dismissed their appeal and each party was sentenced to 16 weeks of imprisonment. 
The Crown court sought further advice from the High Court as to whether they had made the right decision. Lord Justice Simon, delivering the High Court judgment said that the Crown court was entitled to take into account that the couple's conduct was directed against a judge performing an important public duty.
He said, 'The appellants intended to show the judge that they had extensive knowledge about parts of her life which were separate from her work as a judge. Their conduct was designed to harass and intimidate her in relation to her public duty to the prejudice of the proper administration of justice.'

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