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Gambler awarded £1.7m after firm refused to payout

A court has ruled that a gambler who won £1.7 million on blackjack must be paid his winnings, although the bookmaker claimed there was a fault in the game.
54-year-old Andrew Green won the jackpot in 2018 in an online casino playing Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven Blackjack on his phone.
Mr Green, from Lincolnshire, tried to withdraw his money but the attempt was declined by Betfred, which hosts the betting platform saying the game contained a "defect" which made it more likely to pay out higher sums in winnings than intended.
Andrew has now won a three-year legal battle against the betting firm after a High Court judge ruled that he must be given his winnings. Mr Green said, "The last three years have felt like hell on earth. Betfred have treated me abysmally, but it's not about Betfred today – I'm just ecstatic to have won my case.
He added, "My physical health has suffered badly, and I sometimes wished I'd never won this money because it was just making my life a misery. But today, I feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders."
Before the ruling, Betfred offered him £60,000 as a token of "goodwill" on the grounds he agreed not to talk about the case, an offer which Mr Green refused.
Ruling in Mr Green's favour Mrs Justice Foster said one of the terms and conditions set out in the game by Betfred, which was relied on by the firm in its defence, was "just not apt to cover the circumstances of this case at all". She added: "These clauses in the terms and conditions are inadequate to exempt Betfred from the obligation to pay out on an ostensibly winning bet or series of bets."
She also found none of the terms seeking to exclude liability were "sufficiently brought to the attention of Mr Green so as to be incorporated in the gaming contracts he entered with Betfred".
A Betfred spokesperson commented, "Mr Green won the jackpot three times whilst playing a game provided by one of our third-party suppliers. The supplier reported a software problem to us and advised that we should withhold payment. However, we will abide by the court's decision and not appeal. We would like to apologise to Mr Green."
Mr Green said he would use some of the money for home improvements and a family holiday.

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