Poor Repair by Franx Aero and Mr Frank Borrmann

To whom it may concern.


Unfortunately I crashed my Flight Design CTSW (G-CGIZ) in the summer of 2015. I looked around for a suitable repair firm and the Flight Design importer recommended Franx Aero in Berlin.


Specifically I dealt with Mr Frank Borrmann.


In summary, after a 4 month delay in completing the repairs I was put under pressure to collect the aircraft, on a certain day, with the comment that Frank needed to leave urgently.


She'd passed her Permit to Fly inspection courtesy of Dr Bill Brooks so I wasn't expecting any specific problems. I immediately noticed a "dent" in the lower cowling. I also noticed that the cut out for the fuel drain had been cut out in the wrong place.      


The weather wasn't ideal so I was unable to do a proper shake down but with Frank Borrmann's reassurances that everything was OK, and would be OK, I flew the aircraft back to the UK.


During the flight a number of things became obvious;


  • The pitch trim was way out.
  • The aircraft had a bad roll to the left, which then entered into a dive.
  • The binnacle wasn't properly secured. ie. she was wobbling free.
  • The balance ball was "off" so flying her in Balance was impossible. 
  • The right Cylinder Head sensor had an intermittent problem.

On landing in Holland, on the way back, I dipped the fuel and she was draining from only one tank. I examined the right fuel cap & the integral air vent seemed a little rusty. Hence it was either a blockage there or the useless balance ball meant she was flying out of balance and that was the cause of the problem.


I still wonder whether if I hadn't stopped in Holland I would have ran out of fuel over the North Sea...


Back at Barton I took another look at the cowling and the "dent" is the misshapen cowling itself. Franx Aero have their own mould and that would appear to have been wrongly formed. ie. the cowling doesn't fit correctly.


Also the nose wheel spat has two V shaped cut outs (near the lower cowling). Firstly they've been cut out at different depths (one side is lower than the other) and on one side it's been very roughly cut out. In my opinion it hasn't been done professionally and the attention to detail has been poor.


Additionally there's one cable, in the baggage area, which is simply unattached. A nylon nut is there but it's not been secured & is hanging lose.


And a final thing... she doesn't taxi straight. Keeps wanting to pull to the left.


I subsequently emailed Frank Borrmann with the list of problems and he wasn't interested in helping. At this point April 2016 I'm getting quotes to fix the problems and will then give Franx Aero one last chance to resolve matters before commencing legal action.


My advice to anyone wanting to use Franx Aero would be to tread very carefully... and in general if you're in the UK my advice would be to use a UK firm. 


Targett Aviation are very good.



Jon Hilton





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