Rob Weaver, SkyFerry

Rob Weaver has generously volunteered to help me plan a RTW trip I'm working on. To this point (April 2013) I've never met Rob.


During the course of my looking into his experience a few things came to light that seem to have been perpetrated by two chaps with some form of axe to grind. One of these fellows, I believe, is a convicted fraudster.


From what I can tell they use different aliases on different forum's and reference people's name's as a way to sway folk from using each others services as Ferry Pilots. Apparently it's a dog eat dog profession.


Seemingly they're spreading stories on the basis that Rob is unable to defend himself. Which to this point may have been true.... Hence I've sent a few polite cease & desist emails. One to internet Brands Ltd. Several to Robin Lloyd of PPrune.


At the same time I came across a like minded gent who seemed to think Rob had taken a very unfair bashing. He provided the following email.


In March/April of 2012 Rob hired a PA28 Arrow of which I'm a part owner. He provided all requested documentation and signed an Agreement in advance, and to the best of my knoweledge complied with all terms of that Agreement.
On returning the aircraft to Sandtoft, Rob paid the hire fees immediately (and in fact when I realised I had under-charged him, he made up the difference without any quibbles). Despite what some people on various websites might want you to believe, my personal experience is that Rob is a reliable and honest person.  
Should he wish to hire my aircraft again I would have absolutely no concerns whatsoever about him doing so.

John Parkinson


There's a long string of comments, on another forum, which suggests a few things about Mr Lloyds approach. I won't publish the link or expand further. 


To this point in my life I've stayed away from forums but on Rob's behalf have reluctantly decided to take an interest.


If any individual wishes to contact me regards this matter please feel free to do so via (please cut & paste into your email system).



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