Robin Lloyd, PPRUNe, Pilot, Robert Weaver

As an outsider looking in, the world of the Ferry Pilot seems to be a very "dog eat dog", place.


The internet has been used by Mr Robin Lloyd as a mechanism to, understandably, boost his website, generate additional advertising revenue and collect more Ferry work. Where matters are getting contentious are that he's acting as a platform for defamation against others.


On various occasions Mr Lloyd has been contacted with the intent to start a constructive dialogue. Some progress has been made but there are still online posts which seem to be aimed at threatening Mr  Robert Weaver's business. SkyFerry.


Mr Lloyd has been contacted and been made aware that this web page has been posted. The following text has been sent to him;


"I'll put up a page on our website listing that you're involved in libelous actions against RW and that legal action is forthcoming. At the point all the RW page / comments are removed the page will be taken down. If you Google yourself in a couple of weeks Google should have indexed the page. I would urge you, please, to remove the offending content. Jon Hilton, Director.


Hopefully Mr Robin Lloyd of PPRUNe will see that there are consequences to his online postings and will take down all the pages that are causing concern.


Everyone in aviation supports professional pilots acting responsibly. In the event of a commercial dispute it's down to the two party's to reach an agreement that is mutually acceptable.


I would respectfully suggest it's not for individuals such as Mr Lloyd to inflame matters, when he is not party to the details, for his own personal gain.


Name calling, using his position to spread gossip and breaching the terms & conditions of his employers website, on what appears to be a personal vendetta, seems churlish. 


If you are considering employing Mr Lloyd on a freelance basis you should note that he is the subject of future legal action.



Jon Hilton


May 2013

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