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Are you looking to make a formal separation from your husband or wife? Whatever your reasons for taking time out of your relationship, our Wilmslow separation solicitors can help you through the process.

If the relationship between you and your spouse has deteriorated but divorce is not an option, our specialist family team can help you draw up a separation agreement to assist you as you temporarily part ways. We can help you formalise any agreements reached in relation to your children, property and any investments made during your marriage in the form of a Deed of Separation.

A separation agreement can cover a variety of situations, including:

Arrangements for child custody
Arrangements for payments of mortgage, rent and/or household bills
Division of personal property e.g. cars, furniture
Separation of joint bank accounts and/or savings
Separation of joint debts

Whatever the reason for your separation, our dedicated family team can help you draw up a Deed of Separation to make a formal arrangement based on what you have agreed independently with your spouse before seeking legal assistance. We can provide you with expert legal advice tailored to your individual situation and negotiate directly with your spouse's solicitor on your behalf should it be required.

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