Marketing for Solicitors

We represent a growing number of small to medium sized solicitors practices who want a complimentary marketing service that can run alongside your existing activities. One that reinforces your position and helps attract new clients.


We offer the following; 

 A modern "brand".

 An attractive, mobile friendly, https, website.

 Monthly SEO activity (keword pages, news items, Twitter).   

 Introduce conveyancing instructions.  

 Introduce Fee Sharing Solicitors and support your Recruitment needs.


Unsurprisingly we can help with all these points.


You can "pick & mix", though, and work with us on the areas that are relevant to your business. The key is to spread your marketing net and introduce you to new clients and prospects. Our fee sharing project will help, too.   


From a brand perspective we believe the general public simply see the term, National Solicitors, as a good thing. Not confusing. Not a separate brand. Simply a sign of strength that will enhance your position in the marketplace. 

In terms of online projection we can provide a marketing site which we'd link to your domain name. ie. as in the case of or


Alternatively we can link the website to generic domain names where the aim is to get you more web traffic. ie. check out or   


We can also use your existing logo to promote your brand and essentially work with you to outsource your online marketing. If you check out or you'll see what I mean. 


You don't have to delete, or relegate, your existing website either. We can run our marketing website alongside yours... as in the case of Mandy Peters and Mellor Hargreaves. You then get two bites at the online cherry without changing your business model. 


As part of the network we aim to pick up 20 First Page, Google, positions for you within the first month of our working together. That'll morph into the 100's as we constantly develop the site on your behalf. We'll also set up Twitter accounts for your business & work on your social networking. 


The next step, if and when you're comfortable with us, is that we extend the NS concept and promote; Your Name. National Solicitors on cards, compliment slips, letterheads & signage. The key thing is that you're still promoting your own brand (rather than morphing your name into that of someone else) and you're supplementing it with two generic words. 


At this point we'll also work with you to create a network of Fee Sharing solicitors who'll use yourselves as their local hub. In a way we'll help you create your own franchise. The individual "fee sharing lawyer" benefits, the law firm benefits. A win, win situation.  


In terms of costs to join NS there's a nominal initial fee and then a monthly sum of £250 + VAT to both licence the brand, host the website and provide ongoing Search Engine Optimisation. You then opt in or out of other services.


Like I say we provide a "pick & mix" solution whereby you select the areas you want support. ie. all things online, branding and general marketing, reducing your PII costs, providing cost savings, generating extra revenue, fee sharing, recruitment, outsourced cashiers, succession planning...


If you'd like to have a chat please contact us on either 0845 603 0708 or email (please cut & paste into your email system) or complete the Enquiry form on the right and we'll call you back.

Jon Hilton   

Marketing help & ideas for Solicitors


Steve, Steve Davies Solicitors... "I really appreciate what you have done so far."


Greg, Almond Solicitors... "Thank you for the work you are doing on the website, it is making a big difference." 


Justin, Blain Boland... "right from our first meeting they have been thoroughly professional and organised. What they said would happen has indeed happened  and more to the point when it was due to happen. A refreshing change. We have been delighted with the quality of the work referred to us and are happy to recommend them to both Clients and other professionals. The whole team there understand what we are and what we are offering to Clients."


Edwin, Ross Legal... "I am pleased with the enquiries from National Solicitors which have provided excellent added value during 2014..."


Frank, Collings... "for every £1 we spend, with NS, we get £10 back" 


Digby, The Johnson Partnership & GV Hale... "very impressed, delighted with the flow of new work, let me know if any law firms are wavering & I'll provide a recommendation !"


Stephanie, Taylor Rose..."the National Solicitors Taylor Rose site has been doing very well and we are very pleased with the progress."


Lloyd, Active Legal... "Regarding the Twitter page, you have done a very good job and it looks impressive, so thank you."


Kevin, Richardson Law... "Jon, and the NS team,  are thoroughly professional and having dealt with them for years we're happy to recommend them for all things online."


Edwin, Ross Legal... "I must again thank you for your support during 2013."


Harvey, PM Law... "Recruiting more staff at present, so we're more than happy!"


Cozette, BLV Law... "What you are doing for us really appears to be working!"

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Marketing for Solicitors

We are simply a branding and online marketing solution for solicitors. One that emphasises a firms strengths and provides clients with the reassurance you're part of a Nationwide network.


In addition to marketing ideas we can offer help and support with outsourced COLP, Recruitment, Fee Sharing, Legal Cashiers & PII...  We're a mechanism to help law firms, and solicitors, focus on fee earning. Simple.

Legal Brokers Ltd,
The Old Police Station,
1 Turton Rd,
BL8 4AW.

0845 603 0708

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