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It's inevitable that, at some point in your career, whether you are an employer or employee, you will need the advice of a qualified employment solicitor. This could be for discrimination, redundancy, bonus disputes or bullying. Whatever it is, our employment solicitors here in Birmingham are ready.


Our Birmingham employment solicitors can quickly provide you with legal advice and assistance in dealing with your employer. This can be done all in the comfort of your own home if you don't live in the Birmingham area. Our services are set up to make the whole process personal, easy and accessible for you. We'll make sure we go out of our way to help you so you don't have to.


As qualified solicitors, we cover all employment matters including, but not limited to, the following:


Discrimination at Work

Grievance and Disciplinary Hearings

Team Moves

Restrictive Contracts



Bonus Disputes

Bullying and Harassment


You can expect the highest standards from our employment team here in Birmingham. All our friendly solicitors are pragmatic in their advice and have a depth of legal knowledge and experience.


We can act for individual clients and for employers. This means we can advise you from both points of view. 


To speak with a Birmingham employment solicitor that specialises in UK employment law call us now on 0845 603 0708 or email us at answers@nationalsolicitors.com and we will respond promptly to your query.



Birmingham Employment Solicitors


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