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Government Opts For Skills-based Visas

Immigration policy could see more nurses and engineers entering the country after the government rejected regional visas that would have given London and Scotland special entry plans.


Policies could now be tailored to the needs of employers using the Shortage Occupations List, based on where employers say they see skills shortages.


The shortage policy is currently used to grant Tier 2 work permits, and includes healthcare workers, engineers, software developers, builders, ballet dancers, and more.


The announcement will come as a blow to Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.


After the EU referendum result Sturgeon demanded new powers for Scotland over immigration, while Khan lobbied for a 'London visa' which would allow business to continue to hire from abroad after the end of freedom of movement within the EU.


A Home Office spokesman told MailOnline:


"Voters made it clear during the referendum that they wanted the country to take back control of immigration.


"This Government will deliver on that by building an immigration system that works for everyone.


"Once we have left the European Union it will be the Government that sets our immigration rules."


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