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Claiming compensation for an accident or injury might not be of prime importance to you. You might have enough funds to see you through the time you need to take off work whilst you recover.


Some people don't claim. Thousands of people in fact.


Our perspective is a simple one.... Unless someone makes a claim against the authorities (in the case of a slip or trip in a public area) no changes are made to make matters safe. The accident then happens to someone else. A vicious circle.


In summary without people claiming, things sometimes, don't get better for everyone else. 


We offer;


 No win no fee service

 Fully qualified, specialist, solicitors

 100% Compensation

 Home visits from team members able to help you complete the forms.


The areas of claim we are able to cover include;


Slips and Trips

Road Traffic & Whiplash

Accidents at work

Negligence claims

Criminal Injuries claims 


If you'd like to discuss making a personal injury claim please either call the number below, email us or complete the online Enquiry form and we'll call you back.



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We're proud of our Bolton roots and the excellent grounding that's given us over the last 30 years.


Providing Conveyancing, Commercial, Family, Personal Injury, Wills & Probate support. 


Whether you're a local client or further afield you're in safe hands with our Bolton Solicitors!

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