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When you are locked in a dispute it can sometimes be difficult to know which move to make next. Our Castleford litigation solicitors will assess your case and advise of the best way to move things forward.


Disputes can arise from any number of situations, but the following are a few of the matters we have assisted with in the past;


 Contractual disputes



 Professional negligence

 Property disputes and boundary disputes

 Wills and probate disputes


In the vast majority of cases our Castleford litigation solicitors will first attempt to settle your case amicably, using discussion, negotiation and compromise. Our dispute resolution specialists are experts in mediation and it is our experience that many cases can be settled in this way.


This is generally considered a successful outcome for all involved, as it negates the need for stressful and potentially expensive court proceedings.


In a small number of cases an amicable understanding may not be possible. When this happens, or when a client approaches us determined to go to court, we will of course look at beginning legal action.


Our experienced lawyers have an impressive track record representing clients at court, so you can be assured your case is in good hands. Our legal team will explain what will be involved in the legal process, assess the likelihood of your case being successful, and outline the potential risks and rewards of going to court. Only if you are completely happy to, will we take your case any further.


To find out more about how our Castleford litigation solicitors might be able to help, speak to our team today. You can call us directly using the number below, or if you prefer, complete the online enquiry form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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