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Our Northampton solicitors are lawyers who speak your language. We believe in simplicity, not confusing legal jargon.


This philosophy extends to our pricing structure. Our quotes are straightforward, free, with no obligation. We don't have any hidden fees or nasty surprises.


We know our clients expect the very best in legal services, and we try to balance this with keeping our prices as affordable as possible. For some matters we offer fixed fee packages, and if not, we always try to draw up a plan within your budget.


Although it has undergone major changes in recent years, Legal Aid still exists and is still available for certain people in certain cases. Our specialists will be happy to look into whether or not you qualify for such assistance.


Our lawyers have experience across the whole spectrum of law but from a specific crime perspective we can provide support with accusations and  allegations of;




 Court Attendance

 Driving, Speeding & Drink Driving

 Drugs Offences


 Sexual Assault 

 Violent Crime


Whether your situation involves a routine conveyancing case or if you have been accused of a crime, our lawyers have the expertise to help.


For more information on the services our Northampton solicitors offer, contact us today. You can speak to our team directly using the number at the bottom of your screen.


Alternatively, complete the online enquiry form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We look forward to working with you.



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We work with leading solicitors in Northampton to provide expert, affordable legal services.


Our lawyers deal with accident compensation, criminal defence, employment, family law, immigration, probate and property matters.


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