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Are you looking to establish a lasting power of attorney (LPA) for yourself, or seeking power of attorney over a loved one who is becoming unable to make decisions for him- or herself? Whatever your situation, our Wigan power of attorney solicitors are here to talk you through your options.


Setting up an LPA gives you the peace of mind knowing that a named individual will be able to make important decisions on your behalf if you should lose the mental capacity to be able to make such decisions on your own.


Among other things, setting up a lasting power of attorney will enable your trusted loved one to:


 Claim and use benefits on your behalf

 Deal with your bank accounts and finances

 Deal with your taxes and bills

 Determine where you should live

 Take charge of your day-to-day care


Most individuals choose a trusted family member, often a child, to make these decisions in the future. However, handing over such a lot of responsibility to one individual should not be done lightly, and we advise spending some time to consider your decision. Our team will be able to advise the best way of establishing LPA in your particular circumstance.


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