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Writing a Will is one of those tasks that we all know we should do, but many of us never actually get around to doing. In fact, every year in Britain, many thousands of people die without leaving a valid Will document.


Creating a Will is a relatively straightforward process, and can save your loved ones from a lot of stress and unnecessary hard work after you're gone. Our Pemberton Wills solicitors can help clients in Wigan and across the North West create their Will and get their affairs in order.


Below are a few reasons why you might want to consider writing yours;


 It is your opportunity to decide who gets what. Otherwise, this privilege will go to the government

 Cohabiting couples do not automatically inherit in the same way as married couples or civil partners do

 You may state who should look after your children or other dependents in the event of your death

 With some careful planning it may be possible to mitigate your Inheritance Tax bill

 It is possible to express any preferences for your funeral. For example, burial vs cremation


Once you have created your Will it is important to keep it up to date. If any major life events - such as a marriage or divorce - are not reflected in your Will, then the document may be deemed invalid. Our team will be happy to discuss this in more detail and assist you in keeping your Will up to date.


Our legal team can also assist with cases of intestacy - where no Will has been left - and offer advice relating to Inheritance Tax.


If you are ready to write a Will, our Pemberton team are waiting to guide you through the process. You can contact us on 01942 366 388, or complete the online enquiry form to the right and we will call you back.



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