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For a limited time we are offering free Wills to our Preston clients ! 


It is extremely important to have an up to date and accurate Will.


Irrespective of whichever stage you're at in life making a Will is the only way you can ensure that your property and assets are given to those you want to have them. 


It is also important to remember to keep your Will up to date, for example, after a divorce or after the buying or selling of a house. We will guide you through the process of making your Will so that you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your affairs will be looked after.
Whatever your legal issue we aim to provide a friendly service that not only excels in quality but is also competitive in price.


If you're in Preston please feel free to visit our offices or alternatively either call us or complete the form, on the right, and we'll call you.

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10 Great Reasons to Make a Will


Do you need some motivation make a Will? This article will give you a lot of inspiration to go and get the job done. You know you should do it, but this will give you some motivation to get on with it ! 


Amazingly, over 70% of people do not have an accurate and up to date will. Make sure that you are not one of them or you risk dying intestate (in other words without indicating who should inherit your property).


This is likely to result in a very uncertain future for your friends, family and even business partners.


Making a will is common sense and is probably less expensive than you might imagine. Most Wills solicitors offer value for money, fixed prices, for simple Wills. The consequences of having no Will can be significant and include:


1. You have no control over what happens to your property. Instead the intestacy rules will apply which set out in law which family members should inherit your property and in which proportion.


2. There may be disagreements as to how your assets are divided between your loved ones. Sadly it is increasingly common for relatives to take court action amongst themselves in arguing over family property. Don't leave any uncertainty. Make your wishes crystal clear.


3. Your family might become involved in unnecessary costs or delay. The financial cost alone of challenging a will can be significant.


4. You do not choose who looks after any young children. If you do have youngsters, it is much better to clearly indicate in your will who you would like to care for them should you die.


5. If you were cohabiting without being married, your partner will have no automatic right to any of your property. Worse still they could even be evicted from your home.


6. There may be insufficient money left to comfortably provide for your partner or spouse.


7. Your family home might need to be sold to distribute your estate unless you make the position clear. This could even leave your spouse homeless.


8. There is a risk that your estate may have to pay more tax unnecessarily. Those who don't consider tax planning as an essential part of making a will may find that they run the risk of their estate having to pay significant amounts of unnecessary tax leaving less to distribute amongst family and friends.


9. You could find that your business partners are left without protection which could result in a forced sale of your business.


10. Making a will is common sense and is probably less expensive than you might imagine.


More details to follow regarding probate matters. Watch this space!


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