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Falling victim to an accident which wasn't your fault can affect more than just your health. Individuals in this situation often experience stress, anxiety, and financial difficulties. If this sounds like you, our South Shields accident solicitors can help you secure the compensation you deserve.


Accidents can occur in any number of situations, but below are some of the more common issues we are asked to handle;


 Accidents abroad

 Accidents at work

 Car accidents

 Industrial disease

 Medical Negligence

 Slips, trips and falls

 Sports injuries



In most cases there is a three year time limit from the date of the accident within which to come forward to claim compensation. For this reason we encourage potential clients to come forward as soon as possible, and our South Shields accident solicitors will assess your case to determine whether or not you may have a claim.


Our personal injury experts need to know when and where the accident happened, and will need to see details of your injury from a doctor. Other evidence such as photographs of what caused the injury, and proof of prescriptions, travel expenses etc, are also valuable when calculating the amount to which you might be entitled.


If you think you have a claim, or to get our South Shields accident solicitors started on your case, speak to our team today. You can call us using the number below, or complete the form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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Our South Shields solicitors can assist with accident compensation claims, conveyancing, crime, divorce, employment, immigration, litigation, and probate.


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