Hackney Slip & Trip Solicitors

Have you had a slip or trip in a public place in the Hackney area ?


If the answer's "yes" you might be entitled to receive compensation.


Have you had an accident in;


 A swimming Pool.

 A Bank.

 Supermarket or Retail space. 

 Restaurant or an environment caring Indemnity insurance.


Alternatively you might have had an accident on a; 


 A publicly maintained footpath by tripping over a raised flagstone or kerb.

 A roadway where Potholes are prevalent.


Additionally you might have been in a work environment and slipped on cables littered across the floor.


The key matter to bear in mind is that you should reasonably expect to be safe in a number of environments and if an individual, organisation or council have failed in their duty to protect you then you can make a claim.


From our offices close to Hackney we are able to provide a bespoke, No Win No Fee, service which will be tailored to your needs. 


In the first instance please either call us on 0203 206 1134, email via mf@broadgatelegal.co.uk or complete the form on the right and we'll call you back.



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Hackney Slip & Trip Solicitors

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