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Do you need help recovering debts from your clients? If you require legal assistance, our Stratford debt recovery solicitors can help you collect what is owed to you as quickly as possible.

If any of your customers have defaulted on their payments and show no sign of clearing the debt, our specialist debt recovery team can help you if money owed is causing repercussions for yourself and/or operational problems for your business. We'll start by sending out a demand letter to the debtor detailing monies owed, a call for payment and a warning of court or insolvency proceedings should payment not be made. In most cases, this is usually enough for the client to make a payment and/or settle their account.

Among the debt recovery matters we can assist with include:

Contract debts
County court judgments
Credit disputes
Debt collection
Default loan repayments
Property damage disputes
Statutory demands

If your client fails to make payment after the initial letter before action and/or pre-action collection, we can issue a standard County Court or High Court claim on your behalf depending on the value of the debt. Over 50 per cent of all claims issued result in immediate payment, a negotiated settlement or judgment against the debtor. If you need help recovering money from one or more of your clients, get in touch with our dedicated debt recovery team for a quick and efficient service.

To speak to one of our Stratford debt recovery solicitors, call us on the number below or complete the form on the right and we will call you back.

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