Manchester Hearing Loss Solicitors

We deal with all types of Industrial Deafness Claims from individuals who have been exposed to excessive noise in a work environment.


From our Manchester location we deal with the majority of our compensation claims on a "No Win No Fee" agreement via a Conditional Fee Agreement.  


In order to make a successful Hearing Loss claim the following needs to apply;


 We need to confirm that you are suffering from industrial deafness and / or Tinnitus.

 We need to confirm that the condition has been caused by exposure to a particular noise.

 We need to show that your employer was negligent in protecting you from the noise.


Hearing loss can also arise via something called Acoustic Shock and compensation claims can be made as a consequence of injury via a telephone headset. ie. relevant to those working in UK Call Centres.


Tinnitus and a wider range of physiological and psychological health issues can ensue from hearing related problems.


The obvious symptoms of Industrial Deafness and general hearing loss are;


 Missing parts of a conversation

 Being unable to hear a conversation due to background noise

 Friends or Partners complaining they are being ignored


In the first instance you can either contact your GP to arrange a hearing test or contact us to discuss the circumstances of your previous employment.


Please call 0845 603 0708, or complete the form on the right and we'll call you back.



Industrial Deafness Solicitors



Tel: 0845 603 0708

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