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Ending a relationship is never easy, but our Leigh divorce solicitors are on hand to make the legal side of a separation as straightforward as possible.


We believe it is important to attempt to settle divorce cases amicably, especially if there are children involved. This is usually in everybody's interest due to the stress, expense and hard work associated with going to court.


Our specialists are experts when it comes to mediation, and our track record shows that the vast majority of cases can be settled in this way using discussion and negotiation.


We have a team of Leigh divorce solicitors with a wealth of experience in this area of law. Over the years we have regularly handled cases involving domestic violence or adultery, so whatever your situation there is no need for embarrassment or awkwardness.


At this difficult time you have enough things to think about without worrying about your finances as well. This is why we offer fixed fee divorce packages, so you know exactly what you need to budget for, and won't be landed with any nasty surprises.


Cases involving domestic violence may qualify for Legal Aid to further help with our costs. If you think this might apply to you, our team will be happy to look into the matter on your behalf.


As well as offering fixed fee divorce packages, our experts can also assist with the following family law issues;


 Child maintenance

 Contact agreements and residence agreements



 Prenuptial agreements


Whatever your situation, our Leigh divorce solicitors will treat your case sensitively and professionally. To find out more, speak to our team in complete confidence on 0845 603 0708, or enter your details into the form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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Our Leigh solicitors are friendly, approachable, affordable.


We can assist with accident compensation, conveyancing, crime, divorce, employment, immigration, litigation, and Wills and probate.


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