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The time following the death of a loved one is always hard, but dealing with lawyers at this time is often a necessary next step. Our Leigh probate solicitors will help you take care of the legal side of things at this difficult time.


Completing probate involves a lot of paperwork and many different stages. Our lawyers will inform any banks or building societies which hold any assets, settle any debts, value the Estate, and allocate the assets as set out in the Will.


In short, we make it our priority to handle as much of the work as we can on your behalf, leaving you to come to terms with the emotional side of the matter.


We understand how hard this time can be, and will handle your case with the delicacy and sympathy you need.


Our Leigh probate solicitors can also assist with the following matters;


 Inheritance tax

 Power of Attorney



We always encourage clients to write a Will as dying without leaving a valid document can mean a lot of unnecessary hard work and expense for those you leave behind.


Creating a Will is your chance to decide who gets what, ensuring close friends or important charities don't miss out. It is also an opportunity to state who you wish to look after any children in the event of your death.


With some careful planning it may also be possible to mitigate your inheritance tax bill.


Writing a Will is easy, and our Leigh probate solicitors can guide you through the process. To find out more, speak to our team today using the number below, or complete the enquiry form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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