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If you have suffered a personal injury which wasn't your fault, our Middlesbrough accident solicitors are here to help get you back on your feet.


Compensation can't undo the stress and trauma of the injury itself, but it can help put your mind at rest. For many people it simply means they no longer have to worry about their financial situation and can focus on the important job of getting better.


In other cases we may be able to apply for you to receive some of your payout early, to help with ongoing care fees or rehabilitation costs.


Injuries can happen any time, any place, but below are some of the more common areas we are asked to handle;


 Accidents abroad

 Defective products

 Industrial disease

 Road accidents and whiplash

 Slips, trips and falls

 Sports injuries

 Surgical negligence and medical negligence

 Workplace accidents


Our lawyers handle compensation claims large and small, so whether your case involves whiplash, medical negligence, an accident at work, or a trip in a public place, our specialists have the expertise to help.


We will need to know when and where the incident occurred, and see evidence relating to the injuries you sustained. It is also preferable to have the contact details of any witnesses, and photographs of your injury, and the place where the accident happened.


If you would like our Middlesbrough accident solicitors to assess whether or not you have a claim, contact our team today.


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Our Middlesbrough solicitors have a wealth of experience over wide areas of law.


We can assist with accident compensation claims, conveyancing, crime, divorce, employment, immigration, litigation, probate and Wills.


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