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40% of whiplash sufferers do not claim against their injuries

Did you know that 40% of whiplash sufferers don't end up claiming against their injuries?


Were you the victim of a car accident and not sure if you're entitled to claim for whiplash?


Read the following advice from Active Legal, Birmingham Whiplash Solicitors.


Whiplash is most commonly the result of car accidents and includes some of the following physical symptoms.


- Soreness / tenderness in the neck, head and back

- Neurological problems

- Ringing ears

- Visual disturbances


Patients can also experience psychological symptoms:


- Irritability

- Depression

- Post traumatic stress


It's common to feel pain and mild symptoms of whiplash within a week after the accident. Most of us will treat the pain ourselves using painkillers, others tend to ignore it. Symptoms can get worse over time and if it isn't treated, can lead to future health issues and even psychological problems.


If you have any of the symptoms, make sure you visit your doctor as soon as possible. Keep records of any doctor and hospital visits, dates of having x-rays or examinations. It's important to keep notes as this may ultimately lead to more compensation, should you decide to make a whiplash injury claim.


After an accident, you should also take the details of any witnesses at the scene, and if possible to contact the police to report the incident. A reliable police report is the best evidence to have next to you while completing your whiplash paperwork.


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