Birmingham Accident Solicitors

Dedicated, Efficient & Focused. That's what describes us.


Our professional and friendly approach ensures our customers receive the best service at all times.


With a team of specialist Personal Injury Lawyers we cover the Birmingham area whilst also providing a national claim and compensation service.


As one of Birmingham's leading accident solicitors, we specialise in the dealing with the following accident claims;


 Road Traffic Accidents

 Slips and Trips in public places

 Accidents at Work

 Sporting Claims

 Industrial Deafness & Disease

 Defective Product injuries

 Accidents Abroad. 


Offering a free initial consultation if you need advice or wish to speak to a member of our team with regards to a claim please do not hesitate to call us on 0345 603 0708.


Our objective is a speedy turnaround to your compensation claim and be helpful and supportive throughout the claims process.


Whilst it may not be the norm in the legal profession we believe you'll need someone who is empathic about your accident and injuries...  that you'll also need someone who will guide you through the process without confusing jargon... and we believe that's the Active Legal approach.


Additionally, by virtue of our dynamic approach, we are pleased to be able to offer our private and corporate clients the services of our Employment Law, Litigation and Family teams.




National Solicitors

Accident, Litigation, Family & Employment Solicitors

Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham


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Accident Solicitors

Aren't all Injury Solicitors the same ? No.


We specialise in Injury Claims such as Road Traffic Injuries, Slips & Trips, Industrial Diseases and Deafness claims... Additionally we have vibrant Employment, Family, Probate & Litigation departments.


Think Accident... Think Us !

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A Priory hospital has been accused by a father for failing its legal duty to safeguard his son after he "escaped" and was killed by a train.


Staff at the Priory Woodbourne told the father, Richard Caseby, that patients absconded, "all the time for drink, drugs or to meet friends". They added they were confident that his son, Matthew, 23, would return. However, he had jumped the fence when left unsupervised on September 7th, 2020.

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The Metropolitan Police was found to have breached the rights of the organisers when it declared the gathering illegal under lockdown rules. Taking place last March, the vigil was planned as a socially distanced gathering on Clapham Common, south London, to honour the 33-year-old woman who had been abducted from the area earlier that month. 

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After successfully arguing the 400-year-old legal principle that "an Englishman's home is his castle", a farmer who used a tractor to wreck a car illegally parked on his land has walked free


57-year-old Robert Hooper became an internet sensation last June when a video of him using the spikes on his telehandler to flip over a £16,000 Vauxhall Corsa went viral on social media. The hill farmer, from Co Durham, said he had been forced to act after he came under attack from a "strutting and agitated" shirtless youth, who had refused to move the car. 

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