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Dealing with Personal Injury

The journey to recovering after suffering a personal injury is not always a smooth ride. We are always told to think positively in order to heal, inside and out.


Christopher Johnstone explained in the Telegraph, that positive thinking isn't always the best way forward after a personal injury. Some people think it gets in the way. He explains how the term "flexible thinking" is better for us as a new way of looking ahead at life.


Accepting what has happened could take a while, especially if you have been seriously injured and it has altered your capabilities.


One risk from personal injury, other than the physical damage it can cause, is the development of post-traumatic stress disorder. As identified above, the term we should be thinking about is "flexible thinking", meaning we can either be damaged by the injury or we can become strengthened by it.


An example is the Australian athlete, Janine Shepherd. She was hit by a speeding truck in 1986. Focusing for years on healing her broken body and confidence she decided to strike out in a different direction.


The decision process was, "If I can't walk, I'll fly".


Within a year she had her private pilot's license and she began to recognise that a broken body doesn't mean the end.


Psychologist Stephen Joseph describes three broad dimensions of growth that people go through after a personal injury, just like Shepherd did, in the recovery process:


An increased appreciation of relationships

Growth in self-esteem

A positive shift in life philosophy


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