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Industrial Deafness Solicitors

Your employer has legal obligations and steps they must take to ensure there is appropriate levels of safety in your workplace.


Hearing is important to us all, at any stage in our lives, and if you've suffered early on this can affect you later in life... This might not be a news item from our perspective but knowing you can make a claim might be news to you !


There are a range of working environments where employees are likely to be affected. Do any of the following apply at your workplace ?


  • Are there noises from loud impacts?
    The most common are hammering, drilling, welding, gunshots, and explosives. Other machines that generate noises can contribute to hearing loss.
  • Are you shouting or having loud conversations whilst working?
    Generally If you need to talk louder than normal to someone 2 meters away then you are working where noise levels are too high.
  • Do the noises interfere with your work?
    Whether it is loud music from a nightclub /  festival or working around loud machinery intrusive noise will eventually damage your hearing.
  • Do other colleagues use machinery or tools that produce high levels of noise for most of the day?
  • Is your working environmental known for being noisy?
    This includes construction, textiles, and woodworking with constant vibrating noises.

If you feel you may be working in an environment where you could be affected by industrial deafness please pay attention to your hearing. Especially if you get into the habit of asking people to repeat themselves.

Some of the symptoms are listed below:


  • Hearing muffled or muted sounds.
  • Missing certain sounds or words in a conversation.
  • Ringing or buzzing in the ear (known as tinnitus).
  • Difficultly hearing conversations when there is background noise.
  • Complete hearing loss in one or both ears.

If you have any of the following symptoms make sure you see a hearing specialist (ENT) to distinguish whether you have been affected by noise.

If it's apparent that you have developed industrial deafness, Active Legal can provide confidential legal advice if you're looking to claim.


It doesn't matter whether you're in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham or elsewhere in England and Wales, we can help.




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