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A Birmingham council worker was sacked after a tribunal rejected his "implausible story" that the noises from a pornography video, accidentally played in a meeting, were made by a goose.
An electrician for Redditch Borough Council opened a WhatsApp message containing footage of a woman loudly making "sexual moans" during a meeting. An employment tribunal in Birmingham heard that the noise lasted for around 30 seconds, causing staff to break out into awkward laughter, and leaving 100 of his colleagues stunned.
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A lecturer at Solent University in Southampton has been sacked for after failing to convince a tribunal that his comments were not offensive because they were "positive".
The Bristol tribunal heard that the remarks were made in a meeting with his course leader, Dr Janet Bonar, in March 2019 in the university canteen.
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One of the UK's longest serving prisoners, Charles Bronson, has been granted permission to bring a High Court bid to have his latest parole hearing in public.
Currently held under high security at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes the 67-year-old has been in prison for most of the last 45 years and has waived his right to privacy. 
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High Court decides that women can legally have abortions at home.
A High Court judge has ruled that women can legally have abortions at home, following allegations that the health department rushed through emergency legislation that "put women at risk" and was "misled" in doing so. 
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The High Court has said that the german automotive giant Volkswagen installed "Defeat devices" in millions of motor cars. The comments come as part of the so called "diesel gate" emmissions scandal.


More than 91,000 residents of the UK have bought a class action against VW on the basis that the cars they bought had been installed with devices aimed at cheating European emmissions standards. Standards which were designed to "save lives".

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