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Maintaining a balance between being fit and pushing yourself into a sports injury can be a delicate juggling act.


Sport can be a hugely beneficial past time for an active person but by the same token if you're being coached by a responsible individual and you feel as if you've been pushed into a sports injury you may be able to make a personal injury claim.   


Additionally if you've suffered an injury on the pitch or have had an accident as the result of using poorly maintained, or defective, equipment there is also the potential to claim.


The question then arises of what to do having been unfortunate enough to suffer a sports injury... 

The first thing is to seek medical attention. This way you can find out the extent of the injury and gain appropriate treatment. 


This also acts as evidence of when and the manner in which you sustained the injury. Vital when pursuing a personal injury claim.


The less active element to a potential sports claim is where an individual has been injured as a spectator at an event.


The organisers have a duty of care to protect individuals and provide them with the realistic expectation that they won't be injured whilst watching the game. Whatever the game may be.


Reasons for such sports injuries include insufficient levels of crowd control leading to potentially dangerous overcrowding. The very sad events at Hillsborough come to mind.


Accidents may occur if you were provided with unsafe seating, or the lighting was poor or a further hazard led to a fall.


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