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Accidents can happen anywhere and busy workplaces, especially those involving machinery, are no exception. There are many circumstances where accidents can occur and this can depend specifically on the nature of your working environment.


Why should you make a claim for compensation ?


Making a claim against your employer can feel like a difficult option. Even though your accident may have left you with an injury caused by the negligence of your employer it's natural that you wouldn't want to upset anyone, or even worse, lose your job.

What if the accident happened again, to a co-worker, and your employer didn't want to change their regulations or safety procedures. Would you feel the same?


Work related injuries can cost an individual time and money visiting hospitals for treatment or for physiotherapy sessions. They can leave you scarred or disfigured, break your confidence, and in some cases stop you from working again.


When making a claim for compensation for an injury you've sustained at work it's important to choose the right solicitor. Speaking to a specialist accident solicitor should be seen as a sensible first step.


As one of Birmingham's leading personal injury law firms we specialise in handling work related injury cases. With years of claims experience and an in-depth knowledge of the current regulations in the workplace we can make the difference in helping you make a successful claim.


What should you do if you've had an accident at work ?

 Make a personal record of the date, time and location of the accident. Also, any days you had off work.

 Report it to your employer as soon as possible and note the names of any witnesses.

 Keep hold of records relating to your injury i.e paying for dressings, health care or physiotherapy.

 If it's relevant to your accident, make sure your employer records the accident with HSE online.

 Notify your employer if your health worsens.


If you'd like to discuss an accident you've sustained contact our experienced compensation solicitors today to see how we can help you.




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