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A dispute at work can take a heavy toll on those involved. As well as the emotional strain, employment disputes can also cause serious financial difficulties, impact family life, and in extreme circumstances also have an effect on a person's health and wellbeing.  Our Droylsden, Heaton Moor & Oldham employment solicitors know how hard it can be and are on hand to offer their expert advice, whatever your situation.


Below are a few of the employment matters we have dealt with in the past;


 Constructive dismissal

 Discrimination at work

 Employment tribunals

 Harassment at work


 Settlement agreements (compromise agreements)

 Unfair dismissal


We have worked with clients on both sides of the desk, so whether you are an employee or employer, our Manchester employment solicitors have the expertise and experience to help during this stressful time.


If you are an employee, our experts can offer professional advice if you think you have been unfairly dismissed, or can assess the best way to proceed if you are suffering from discrimination or harassment in the workplace.


For our corporate clients, our legal specialists can ensure any contracts, policies, procedures, and settlement agreements are legally binding, and assist with sensitive topics such as redundancies.


In the vast majority of cases our first approach will be to attempt to resolve the matter amicably, out of court, using mediation. Many disputes can be settled this way, and it is generally in everybody's interest as it avoids the stress, expense and heartache of taking a matter to court.


If mediation is not successful, our solicitors will assess the strength of your case and decide upon the most effective course of action. However your case progresses you can be assured of our team's expertise and professionalism throughout.


Whatever your situation, our team know how devastating a dispute at work can be, and will always handle your case with the respect, hard work and dedication it deserves.


To find out how our employment solicitors might be able to help, speak to our team today in complete confidence. You can reach us directly using the telephone number below, or if you prefer, complete the online enquiry form to the right and one of our specialists will call you back.



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