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The time following the death of a loved one is difficult, and our Droylsden, Heaton Moor & Oldham probate solicitors understand that dealing with the world of law is the last thing you want.


Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that we will all lose somebody close to us, so our legal team know how hard this time can be. We do our best to offer the legal support you need to make the probate process as pain free as possible.


With enough time and effort it is possible to handle probate yourself, but the complexity of the paperwork means that the majority of individuals choose to enlist the help of a solicitor. Below are a few of the steps involved;


 Informing banks and other institutions which hold any assets

 Valuing the Estate

 Settle any outstanding debts

 Calculate the inheritance tax bill (if applicable)

 Distributing the assets as set out in the Will




Writing a Will is one of those jobs which many of us never get around to completing, and every year in Britain thousands of individuals die without leaving a valid Will document. Creating a Will is straightforward, and our Droylsden, Heaton Moor & Oldham probate solicitors can talk you through the process.


Below are a few reasons why you might want to think about writing yours;


 You can decide who gets what. Otherwise, the government will decide for you.

 Without a Will, a cohabiting partner will not automatically inherit as a married couple or civil partner would.

 You can state who should look after any children in the event of your death.

 Some careful planning may make it possible to mitigate your inheritance tax bill.


Our probate solicitors can also offer legal support regarding inheritance tax, power of attorney, or intestacy.


Speak to our team today for a confidential discussion about your circumstances by calling the probate number below or entering your details into the enquiry form to the right and we will call you back.



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