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We are experts in all things compensation and cover Stockport, Manchester and through out England and Wales.


You can be assured of a personal service that is both tailored to your needs and the nature of your injury.


As a dedicated practice of personal injury lawyers we are able to advice on the following accident claims;


 Personal Injury

 Accidents at Work

 Accidents Abroad

 Car Accidents

 Slips & Trips

 Sports Injuries

 Defective Products.


We understand the needs of our clients and are responsive to each individuals circumstances. With this bespoke approach we intend to provide an outstanding service to our customers.


Working on a "NO WIN NO FEE" basis our promise is that you'll receive 100% compensation as a result of instructing us to claim your compensation. 


Additionally if your vehicle is off the road as a result of the accident we can organise for a replacement vehicle to be made available to you within hours.


In the first instance please either call on 0845 603 0708, email or complete the form on the right and we'll call you back to discuss your situation.




Stockport Accident Solicitors

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Stockport Solicitors

We are Personal Injury and Accidents Solicitors representing clients throughout Stockport, Manchester and nationwide. 


Whiplash, Slips & Trips, Sports Injuries, Product Claims, Accidents at Work.


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