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When selling or buying a house, for most of us property law is simply an inconvenience which must be dealt with along the way. You can trust our Cambridge conveyancing solicitors to handle your property concern professionally and efficiently, enabling you to get on with things as quickly as possible.


We believe in simplicity. Our specialists use plain English, not legal jargon, and our pricing structure is straightforward, with no hidden fees.


Our lawyers deal with property law day in and day out, meaning they are experts in their field.


The frequency with which we deal with property matters has enabled us to forge strong working links with various online search providers, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, the Land Registry and the National Land Information Service.


These links mean we can now deal with property cases more quickly than ever before, thus saving you time and money. We are also able to accept property cases from across England and Wales.


You do not have to be in the Cambridge area to make use of our conveyancing solicitors. The matter can now be completed using telephone, email and post, so there is no need to visit our offices.


Below are some of the property matters we deal with on a regular basis;


 Acquiring the freehold of your property

 Buying or selling property

 Joint ownership and trusts

 Mortgage and remortgage

 Problems with leases, extensions and variations

 Property development

 Recovering possession of a property

 Transfers of equity (transfer of ownership)


Whatever the nature of your property enquiry, our Cambridge conveyancing solicitors have the expertise to help.


For a free, no obligation quote, or to discuss your circumstances and requirements in detail, contact us today.


You can call our team directly using the number below, or if you prefer, complete the form to the right and we will call you back.



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Our Cambridge solicitors are experienced, friendly and professional.


They assist with accident compensation, conveyancing, crime, divorce, employment, immigration, litigation and Wills and probate.


Get in touch today to find out how they can help.

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