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Our Cambridge crime solicitors are experts in criminal defence, representing cases from the comparatively minor to the much more serious. 


If you have been accused of a crime, even a relatively minor one, it is essential to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible. The earlier you contact us the better, as specialist advice right from the start can make all the difference.


It is particularly important to get in touch with us if you are due to be questioned under caution by the police. Anything you say in such discussions can affect the outcome of your case, so it is preferential for you to have a solicitor by your side when these go ahead.


As well as offering you their expert legal advice, our crime lawyers will also be able to ensure that all interviews adhere to the "Code of Practice for the Detention, Treatment and Questioning of Persons by the Police" and the "Code of Practice on Audio Recording Interviews with Suspects."


Whatever the nature of the accusation, our lawyers have the experience to help. Below are some of the accusations we have defended in the past;



 Assault and GBH


 Child abuse

 Drink driving, speeding and other driving offences

 Drugs offences


 Manslaughter and murder

 Sexual assault and rape

 Weapons offences

 Youth crime


Whatever the allegation, our solicitors will treat you as a client, not as a criminal. All we ask in return is that when confirming the facts of your case you are completely honest with us, as it is only by being in full possession of the facts that we can deal with your case effectively.


Our criminal defence experts will also be able to assess whether or not you qualify for Legal Aid.


To discuss your situation in complete confidentiality, and to find out how our Cambridge crime solicitors can help, call us today.


You can call our team directly on the number below, or complete the form on the right and we will call you back.



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