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Is COLP, COFA or Compliance in general a headache or an easy task ? 
If, by preference, you'd rather outsource your needs to free up a fee earner or allow you to focus in other areas that make your firm more profitable... you might want to consider outsourcing your COLPCOFA and Compliance obligations.

For a monthly fee we'll provide an individual who will take care of the Compliance work so that the COLP simply takes an oversight position.


There'll be an initial meeting and an assessment of your needs to quantify the level of support needed. There'll be regular contact and a helpline you can call. Each quarter a member of staff will visit your premises and review files.


You might want to appoint a relatively junior member of your team to assist us, or someone not interested in fee earning, to be the conduit to ourselves.


A separate, less expensive option, is that for an annual fee we can provide written guidance on how to fulfill your obligations.


This is the "hands off" scenario. It's a less expensive route to the same thing but it will need time, effort, and understanding on your part.


From a business perspective the question is how much resource you want to put into Compliance. Does it make sense to use your staff to fulfill your obligations or is it better to outsource this aspect of the business ?


The "C" word will continue, quite rightly, to be a cost of doing business in the legal sector. It's in the public's interests. The question is how you want to address it....


If you choose to join National Solicitors we'll include COLP, COFA and Compliance support as a part of the package.


In that way we're addressing two key concerns. Firstly, keeping you on the right side of the SRA by independently proving you're a well run and managed firm. Secondly, that your marketing approach has been tightened up with the intent of generating fresh income.


Additionally we can help support you with;


 Complaints handling

 ABS applications

 File audits

 Compliance audits

 Office manuals


It's not easy running a business these days. Maybe we can help.


If the above points are worth discussing please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll contact you to discuss how we can help.




National Solicitors

COLP, COFA & Compliance Support

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