Conveyancing Software

We've built a Conveyancing Software System for Solicitors and Conveyancers.


You may have noticed that we do a range of things for the legal profession and it seemed like a natural progression to bite the bullet and offer Conveyancing Case Management Software. The package was originally built around the needs of Conveyancers but the system allow it to be used for any process driven transaction.


We cut our teeth generating bespoke Property Searches Software, plus a portal for Conveyancing Introducers to instruct our law firms (both via and most recently we've built a price comparison site for the general public to choose Estate Agents.


Creating anything from scratch is problematic. Incorporating items clients want. Generating a package that works for everyone and building a fully functional software package for law firms, and delivering on price, can be tough.


From a pricing perspective we're looking to undercut the competition. Beyond that we can either provide a price per transaction, flat rate or free service in return for Search instructions. You simply choose which option is better for your business.


If you're starting a law firm our Case Management package will hopefully be worth exploring, too.  


The specification for the site is;


 Cloud based.

 Standard letters.

 Document preparation.


 Diary Management.

 Website included.


Additionally you'll be able to select Property Searches and use our software to generate Conveyancing quotes. 


As mentioned above, in situations where we can generate fresh Conveyancing Search instructions we're prepared to provide the Case Management for free. You heard it hear first, folks. Free Conveyancing Software.


If you're interested in discussing how we can work together please don't hesitate to contact me.



Jon Hilton

National Solicitors

Free Conveyancing Software

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