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Question; What is a Consultant Solicitor ?


Answer; Please see below.


There is a growing trend, that's been spiraling out of London, for individual lawyers to work on a self employed basis.


The driving force has been a desire to;


 Get away from office politics.

 Possibly work from home and say goodbye to commuting.

 Introduce a greater element of personal freedom into the work / life balance.

 Retain a greater proportion of a lawyers fees. 

 Build your own client bank and business.


Additionally there may well be individual lawyers who want to set up their own practice but see Fee Sharing as a simpler halfway house.


At the same time we, as NS, will set up a marketing website for each Consultant Solicitor which we'll optimise specific to the area of law you're working in..


Hence if you're a litigation lawyer in Doncaster we will provide you with the ability to attract new clients through a specifically tailored website.


Being a Fee sharing Consultant solicitor might not be to every lawyers tastes because you are self employed. If you are the main breadwinner in a family that could be a concern in the short term.


The model works well in Financial Services but you need a certain drive, enthusiasm and ambition to effectively build your own business.


The other option is to be employed, work for others, and take home only a fraction of what you could earn....


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