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Do you have a following ?


If the answer's yes (or you can create a business plan) then we'd very much like to speak to you.


It's the norm that individuals in the financial sector work within networks and then use the support services provided to generate their income as a self employed person. We believe that's the future of the legal profession.


It's commonplace in London that lawyers work as fee sharing consultants and we are keen to role out the model through out the rest of the country.  


The benefits are;


 You get the flexibility of being self employed.

 You can work from home or via a hub office. 

 Your time is your own.

 You take the majority of the fees you bill.

 You're provided with back end (so to speak) support.

 You're developing your own business.  


A fee sharing consultant could fall into lots of categories but we find the following are relevant;


 Individuals who have taken time off on maternity leave and want to pick & choose their working hours.

 Those generally looking for a better work / life balance.

 Lawyers who want to set up their own practice but are put off by the complexity of the process.

 Entrepreneurial lawyers who want to develop their own business and outsource the headaches.  

 Senior Solicitors who've ran their own practice and now only wish to work part time. 


If you feel any of these points are worth further discussion please either call on 0345 603 0708 or email jon@nationalsolicitors.com




Jon Hilton

National Solicitors

Fee Sharing Consultants

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