National Solicitors Network

As you may have read elsewhere we represent a growing network of solicitors.


Why is there a need for networks ?


There's a long answer and a short answer. The short answer is, "competition". The longer version requires a few more self explanatory comments.


Most of the following you'll be aware of....


  • Changing marketplace
  • Increased competition
  • More "professional looking" rivals (hopefully you haven't just ground your teeth)
  • New players in the marketplace
  • Anxieties about bigger brands gaining market share    

There's already a few networks out there, not least Quality Solicitors, and our National Solicitors concept is aimed at providing an alternative.


The long answer as to why we have a part to play in the consolidation of the legal market is briefly laid out as follows.


 We offer a professional brand

 A "national" tag

 You can decide how much integration you'd like. ie. website only or full branding

 Online Marketing

 The collective bargaining power of a National Network of Solicitors 

 We're incredible value for money


To dip into the world of value for money, for a second, we provide a basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation Service) as part of the £250 + VAT package.


That currently generates between 30 & 50 First Page positions on Google for each firm.... on the back of everything else we do we like to think that's a pretty impressive feat for the price...      


We've tried to keep the information brief, and to the point, but if you're interested in chatting further please call, email, or complete the form on the right and we'll call you to discuss how we can provide you with a service.



National Solicitors

Solicitors Network

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Marketing for Solicitors

We are simply a branding and online marketing solution for solicitors. One that emphasises a firms strengths and provides clients with the reassurance you're part of a Nationwide network.


Additionally we can help with Buying & Selling Law Firms, Case Management Software, Fee Sharing, Legal Cashiers, Property Searches, Recruitment & provide PII Quotes... We're a mechanism to help law firms, and solicitors, focus on fee earning. Simple.

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