Solicitors franchise

We offer a marketing franchise to lawyers that focuses on; 

  • local advertising.
  • emphasising and refreshing your existing brand. ie. brand protection rather than replacement.
  • billboard advertising, SEO, corporate "fresh" website, MOJ approved contact campaigns.
  • new signage, logo's, news paper & radio advertising etc
  • website ability to generate conveyancing quotes, PI graphics and online wills. 
  • the NS website diverted to your "domain name". ie. 
  • shared opportunities relating to the buying and selling of firms. 
  • COLP & COFA support.
  • generating new enquiries and cases. 
  • access to investment funding. 
  • sharing reciprocal work between firms (we're actively seeking specialist firms to work with). 
  • cost savings via shared systems (premier package). 
  • shared systems allowing for a greater presence with the lenders panels. 
  • the future ability to negotiate group rates on third party services.
In essence we'd promote; Your Name. National Solicitors on signage, logos and letterheads. In that way you're still promoting your own brand rather than morphing your name into that of someone else.
This approach means that if one member firm has a catastrophic reputation "issue" it won't bring down the whole brand...
In terms of costs there's a two tier structure.
Firstly, an initial fee of £1,995 + VAT and then a monthly fee of £200 + VAT to licence the brand and for the provision of the website & it's hosting. We'll provide the emails and update the site as required. This first option simply provides the online branding.
Secondly, an additional monthly marketing sum that you nominate which will be focused on spending in your local area. Hence we'll target the clients you want to attract.
With this in mind we'll discuss your objectives and agree the best way to achieve them prior to starting the campaign.
We'll also use the monthly advertising pot to roll out the NS brand across your letterhead and signage, if you're happy to do that, so that the branding exercise doesn't become a very costly "upfront" exercise.
If the ban on PI referral fees comes into effect... using the services of an MOJ approved marketing company, such as ourselves, could be helpful.
Additionally, to make it in our interest that you're more profitable, we'll offer a Premier Package where we can provide COLPCOFA and Accounting support.
The model we're using, on the accounting side, has allowed a firm we work with to increase their profit levels by 12%.
In the first instance, and as an initial taster, we'd mock up signs, logos & letterheads so you can see what we're proposing. We're not so much a franchise as a marketeer acting on your behalf.
In precis we're looking to reinforce your existing brand rather than replace it. 
Please contact us, Legal Brokers Ltd, on 0845 603 0708 for more details... ask for Jon Hilton or email via
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Solicitors Franchise

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Marketing for Solicitors

We are simply a branding and online marketing solution for solicitors. One that emphasises a firms strengths and provides clients with the reassurance you're part of a Nationwide network.


Additionally we can help with Buying & Selling Law Firms, Case Management Software, Fee Sharing, Legal Cashiers, Property Searches, Recruitment & provide PII Quotes... We're a mechanism to help law firms, and solicitors, focus on fee earning. Simple.

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